3 Signs Your Old AC Needs Replacing

AC replacementStaying cool in the summer is easy when your AC unit is working as it should. What happens when a repair pops up? Are you ready for it? Here at Aliso Air we work with you to make sure your AC system is running smoothly. When those repairs pop up it may be time to consider a replacement instead of a repair. If you’re unsure whether a cooling system replacement is the way to go, check out these three steps on learning when it’s time to replace instead of repair.

How Many Repairs Have Taken Place?

Sometimes a repair is all that is needed to get you back in working order. Other times there have been so many repairs, it’s just time to consider an air conditioning replacement instead. If you have been repairing the unit more than running it, a new one would be the best route to take. If you’re noticing a trend in more and more repairs that are costing you a pretty penny, AC replacement may be your best bet.

Age of System

Sometimes the age of the system just signals it’s time for the air conditioner to retire. Consider how long the unit has been used for. If you’re noticing the system seems to be struggling to keep up with the workload needed or that you’re just not comfortable in your home, AC replacement is a consideration. Typically you’ll get a good fifteen years out of your unit. Sometimes a little longer but this is generally the life expectancy you can count on for your AC unit.

Energy Efficiency

When you notice your ac system working much harder to keep up with the load, there’s an issue. Your unit will lose efficiency over time and this will cause it to waste energy, raise power bills and your home will not feel comfortable. If you start to notice things like your electric bill rising or that your AC runs longer than normal to cool the home, you may want to call one of the experienced technicians in our office to come check it out.

Replacing The Unit

There are a lot of AC units to choose from for your air conditioning replacement. Our team of highly trained and certified technicians will come out to your home and inspect your current unit and the home itself. They will determine the size of the unit needed to properly cool your home and work with you on what unit is best for you. You can rest easy knowing you’re making an informed decision on this large home purchase. Some units are more efficient than others and even offer tax credits or credits from your utility company. Once you have decided on the right unit for you, the technicians will perform a professional installation and you’ll be back to cooling in no time.

Knowing when it’s time to say goodbye to your current AC unit is never easy to do. It’s a pretty large expense to replace the unit but it must be done to save on future repair costs and large power bills. Talk with our technicians at Aliso Air to see what can be done to efficiently cool your home this summer.