When to Schedule AC Maintenance Service

AC Tune UpOne part of successfully running your AC system each year is knowing when to have AC maintenance performed. You can do it yourself or have one our experienced technicians at Aliso Air come out and take care of your unit for you. Knowing the signs of when you should have someone out is also important to make sure you care for your system properly.

Learn about the maintenance on your AC unit and also when it’s time to call in the professionals to assist you with running efficiently.

Losing Efficiency

Over time your unit will lose its efficiency if not properly maintained. You may notice that it’s not working as well as it once was. The AC unit will lose a percentage of efficiency each year if it’s not getting proper air conditioning maintenance service annually. If you start to notice a rise in your electric bill that is not normal it’s time to call in someone.

Not Cooling

If you start to notice that the system does not seem to be cooling as it was, you need your maintenance performed. At times the systems can start to leak out refrigerant and this will cause your home to be harder to cool. If you have a leak it means you’re cool air is not coming in as it should.

When To Schedule

It is a good idea to schedule your maintenance annually either in spring or fall. That will get your system up and running for the season and ensure you have no problems to worry about. Repairs can pop up at any time and if you’re not taking care of them along the way, you can end up with a high bill.

What Does Maintenance Look Like

A variety of areas of your AC unit are cleaned and inspected during the maintenance. Whether you do it yourself or hire our team, these are the areas that should be checked and taken care of annually.

Coolant Lines

As mentioned before, the coolant lines can have leaks if not maintained. Over time they can also wear so it’s best to have them checked before you need the AC on all the time.


Your outside unit can get debris around it during the fall and even during the summer. Make sure it stays cleaned out around it so there are no problems with the unit itself. Clear out any sticks or leaves that have piled up there. Also make sure when you are cutting grass that you do not aim the lawn mower clippings toward the unit.

Change Filters Out

Another component of the maintenance is to be sure the filter is either cleaned or replaced. This is one of the first lines of defense for your unit and should be routinely cleaned or changed. While this may be one of the easiest tasks to do it is often overlooked when preparing for summer.

Evaporator Coils

These also need to be cleaned and inspected during the maintenance of your unit. You can do these yourself or the technician will do this during the service call.

Whether you’re going to do your AC maintenance on your own or call our office, it should be done on an annual basis. This makes sure your AC unit is ready to face whatever temperatures the summer heat can throw at it. Don’t lose your cool this summer by having to have last minute repairs during peak season. Be sure to call our office at Aliso Air and schedule your air conditioning maintenance service today. You’ll be glad you did when you’re staying cool and comfortable during these hot summer days.