Split Units

Split Units Replacement

mission viejo air conditionerMost of us in the US are used to central heating and cooling. Central HVAC systems are not always very efficient. Even off you shut off the blower in a room, the central system’s compressor or furnace will be working, mostly at a capacity far above what is need at that moment.

A healthy and fuel efficient alternative is a split air conditioner. In a split system, everything is optimized for a particular area. Split air conditioning units are the best solution for spot cooling if you want to cool certain rooms at certain times. For example, if you wanted to cool your bedroom at night when you are sleeping, a split unit would be a great idea.

Modern split units come in various sizes and packages, and their selection needs a number of inputs. They have been designed and built to be highly energy efficient, and detailed calculations are needed for their installation.
Aliso Air has the knowledge and experience with nearly all split units manufactured in the US. If you are looking to replace your split unit, we can be of immense help to you in suggesting the right configuration that will be optimal for your requirement. Once that is finalized, our team of expert technicians will be there to install the split unit for you.

Sales Team

The first step in replacing your split unit system is to choose the right system and configuration for your needs. At Aliso Air, we offer the best products on the market and we offer a wide variety of brands and models to ensure that you have plenty of choices. We also employ the best sales associates in the business, with an average of 15 years of experience selling HVAC units. They are a used to listening to your needs and using their knowledge and experience to suggest the optimal system for your needs. Constantly trained, they have the knowledge on the latest equipment available in the market.

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best customer service experience you can get. We also pride ourselves in selling the highest quality equipment available in the market to make sure you are getting a system that really does the job right.

Installation Team

In addition to our amazing sales staff, we also employ only the best technicians to install, maintain, or repair your split units. As with our sales staff, our technicians also average 15 years or more of experience in the business and are licensed through their professional trade schools. In addition to their license and schooling, we also provide the continuous training to our technicians in order to keep them up to date on all the latest equipment and diagnostic services. We offer installation services with the best products, at a great price, and in a timely manner. Our installation crew will handle the installation with ease and professionalism, giving you the comfort and confidence that your heater or furnace system is being installed the right way the first time.

Let Aliso Air provide the best services and products for the replacement of your split unit so that you can get back to the comfort you deserve! Call us today.

Remember, our services are available in Irvine, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Orange County, Riverside County and North San Diego County.