Maintenance is the Key to Air Conditioning Longevity

Aug 15

An air conditioning system in the home is essential to the comfort of you and your family during the hot summer months. When the temperatures begin to hit the 90s and above, you instantly reach for the thermostat to cool off. An air conditioning system can last for a decade or longer, based on the unit type and if the system is cared for. Many home owners neglect the care of their air conditioner which results in the need for replacement long before the unit should have been changed out.

Our team at Aliso Air is constantly installing new units in homes when the system could have lasted years longer. We provide air conditioner maintenance service to help your system thrive year after year. With our service option, you can avoid air conditioning repair and focus more on tune ups for your system which will help you have a comfortable space for years to come.

If you are a new home owner, or an individual who has never considered AC maintenance, you should consider what we can offer you. Below is a small list of maintenance checks we perform to ensure your system is working properly and that you can rely on the unit to give you cool air when you need it most. Learn how you can extend the life of your cooling system with simple maintenance checks.

Regular Cleaning

With our maintenance service, your cooling system will receive a regular cleaning. Each component of the unit needs to be cleaned to ensure proper function. The outdoor portion especially needs to be cared for to ensure that there is no dirt, grime or debris causing harm to the unit. Leaves are removed and any limbs or landscaping moved away to keep the unit safe from service interruption.

Cleaning will include checking each component for dirt or corrosion and then cleaning each component. You can rest assured that your system will be functioning properly when you have our team of technicians cleaning your system.

Inspection of Components

During regular maintenance, an inspection of the unit components is also included. From wires to fans and belts, each part of the unit is checked to ensure that your system is going to operate properly. You want each component to be observed and inspected as it takes each part for the system to provide cool air in the home.


To create cool air, your system needs a refrigerant chemical. Our technicians will check the refrigerant levels of your unit and provide more if needed. This can also mean that any leaks or issues with the refrigerant lines are checked and changed out if needed.

Finding any repair needs

Since the technician will be inspecting each aspect of your system, potential repair needs can be uncovered. At Aliso Air, we never cut corners and ensure each component of your unit is working properly. If we find problems, we fix them. No matter how small or large. We take care of your unit so you never have to worry about how the system will function.

Once maintenance service is complete, you can rest assured that your system is ready for the summer months. It is recommended that you have your system inspected before summer to ensure no issues before the temperatures are too hot. You can also have your system inspected after summer to ensure the air conditioning system is ready to be shut down for the winter.

Overall, we can provide you with every service you need for a quality HVAC system in your home. Contact us today to learn more about what we can provide for you and your family.