Should I Invest in a High-Efficiency Air Conditioner?

AC replacementWith summertime just around the corner, an effective air-conditioning strategy starts to become a priority, and with good reason. A home without effective climate control can be stifling, frustrating, and in some cases even dangerous. Some regions of the country experience heat waves with temperatures creeping into the triple digits. While it is ultimately important to keep your home cool no matter what, accomplishing this can be an expensive endeavor. Consumers know this, so that’s why many of them are searching for ways to both cut costs and beat the heat.

Immediate Savings

A lot of older air-conditioning units are simply inefficient in their distribution of energy. The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings of these machines can be as low 65%. This means that 35% of the fuel burned in regulating the temperature of your home is wasted, and wasted fuel is money not well spent.

On the other hand, recent tech innovations have resulted in high-efficiency HVAC systems with AFUE ratings of at least 90%. Not only are the savings dramatically improved, but the impact on the environment is significantly reduced as well. What’s more, higher efficiency machines tend to cause a lot less wear and tear on their constituent parts, leading to increased longevity.

Long Term Benefits

In addition to providing a much longer operating life, most companies that produce modern, high-efficiency air conditioners believe in their product so much that they offer comprehensive extended warranties lasting up to 10 years.

A well-made and durable heating and cooling system can be expensive, but consider the value it can add to your home. Homeowners with low-waste, effective, and bill-busting systems tend to see their investments returned if and when they decide to put their properties back on the market.

When Should I Replace My Old Air-Conditioner?

Most experts agree you should consider replacing models that are more than 15 years old, especially if you have noticed diminished functionality, too much noise coming from the unit, or a sizable increase in your electricity bill. Whatever your situation, it is important to have an expert inspect and give a thoughtful evaluation of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The highly trained professionals at Aliso Air are qualified to come inspect, replace, and maintain most any system.

For more information on high-efficiency air-conditioning and any other HVAC needs, contact us here at Aliso Air. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and determine the best machine for keeping your family comfortable through the summer and beyond.