4 Easy Ways to Reduce Air Conditioning Use and Save Money

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An air conditioning system is an important part of the home. The system must be used to cool the home during the warm summer months so those occupying the space are comfortable. Without an air conditioner, the home would be stifling and uncomfortable. Thankfully, most homes have a cooling system that can provide quality cooling when the temperatures outside become unbearable. As with any appliance of the home, an AC costs money. Every time you use your air conditioning system, you will have an energy cost. It is important to learn how to reduce the cost of your AC unit so that you can save money. Below is a simple guide to reducing the cost of your unit operations.

Optimal Temperature

The first area you can make chances is with the temperature controls. By setting your unit at an optimal temperature, you can expect an even cooling cost. In most cases, 75 is a good setting as it can provide even temperatures, not too cool, but cool enough to keep your comfortable. At 75, the unit will not be working all the time and the unit will cut off once the temperature is reached. With this setting, you will definitely see a difference in your monthly utility bill.

Avoid Overusing the System

Overusing the air conditioning system is a big No-No. As with any type of machinery, if you use it too much you can have a break down or the need for replacement. This of course would be major added costs to your budget. However, an AC unit also must not be overworked to avoid a spike in your utility cost. Be sure to set the system at optimal temperature or use a programmable thermostat to have the unit preset to turn off when you are away from the home. This way, the unit will be able to get the break it needs to stay in good condition as well as lower operating cost.

Changing Air Filters

The air filters of the AC system need to be replaced every month to 3 months to ensure the unit is able to provide good indoor air quality. Without replacement, the air filters can become too dirty, essentially clogging up the unit. With an air filter that is dirty, the system can begin to see dirt and dust filling the air which is not healthy to breathe. The unit will also work harder to produce cool air in the home which means higher energy usage and utility cost. Set a schedule so that the filter in your home is clear and ready to function properly for your HVAC unit.

Regular Servicing

An AC system must be serviced on a regular basis to ensure premium performance. When a unit is not cleaned or serviced on a regular basis it can begin to have issues. With regular servicing, you can rest assured that your system will be ready to operate at maximum capacity which will help your overall operating cost. The unit will be able to work efficiently and will provide you with the much needed cool air for the hot summer months.

By being proactive with your AC unit, you will be able to lower your monthly cost as well as have a system that is ready to perform for years to come.