5 Ways to Extend The Life of Your HVAC System

(Dec 14) carrier_split_systemThe HVAC systems of every home will very as each home is different. Some homes have furnace systems while other homes have a central system or geothermal unit. The one aspect that every unit has in common is the fact that each system needs to be maintained to help extend the life span of the unit. When you maintain the system, you can expect your HVAC unit to continue to operate effectively and continue to provide you with comfort for years the come.

Air Filter

One way you can keep the home comfortable and your heating system in tip top shape is with the air filter of the unit. The air filter is used to keep any harmful contaminants from entering the home. The filter will remove dust, dander, pet hair and more from the air you breathe. A filter can only clear the air for a specific amount of time so once your filter becomes clogged, you must change out the filter. When you do, the unit can continue to operate effectively, extending the life span of the system. When you let the filter go unchanged, the unit must work overtime to clear the air and you may see the need for repairs.

Consistent Cleaning

Just like any area of your home, the HVAC system of your home needs to be cleaned. With regular cleaning, your unit will be able to operate efficiently as every component will be squeaky clean. Homeowners can clean the unit themselves or hire a professional to provide cleaning service. The outdoor and indoor portion of the system must be cleaned to provide essential comfort in the home. With regular cleaning, your unit will be ready to provide you with service during the extreme seasons of the year.

Regular Maintenance

Cleaning is just one portion of regular maintenance. Your heating system needs to be maintained on a regular basis so that you can rely on the unit to provide you with optimal comfort when you need it most. Maintenance can include cleaning, lubrication of components, tune-ups and repairs.

Take Care with Repairs

Speaking of repairs, when your unit is in need of service, a professional should be contacted immediately to provide you with much needed care. Even the smallest of repairs should be handled quickly and efficiently to ensure the unit is able to function during the winter months. If you begin to see differences in the comfort level of the home as well as noise issues or variances in comfort, have your unit inspected immediately so that the system can be repaired and be back in service for you and your family members. Scheduling repair service when you need it most will help you to have peace of mind knowing that your system will last for many years to come.

Consult the Professionals

When you need assistance with your home heating system, or you just want to learn how to better manage the life span of your unit, consult the professionals.
At Aliso Air, we work with all brands of systems and have the knowledge, expertise, and experience needed to help you learn how to have successful comfort in the home. Work with us to learn more about your existing system so that you can provide the care and maintenance needed to see your unit last for decades to come.