Is An Over-Sized Furnace a Good Thing?

Newport Beach furnaceWhile bigger is better in many things in life, when choosing a furnace for your home, it is not. A furnace is used to heat the home and must be the appropriate size so you get the most use out of the system. When you decide to have an over-sized unit, you can actually hurt the chances of home heating comfortably and providing an environment that is pleasing to live and sleep. You will encounter problems such as reduced efficiency, spatial heating, shortened lifespan of your system and more, which can cost you money in the long run.

It is essential to have a furnace installed in the home that fits the size of your space so the heating process is conducted as it should be. Below are a few problems you can encounter when you have a unit that is much larger than needed for the space.

Reduced Efficiency

When you use an over-sized furnace, you will have major efficiency problems. The furnace will not match the efficiency mode of operation until it has been in operation mode for some time. This means the unit will be using short cycles, which produces starts and stops on a frequent basis. The unit will be in efficient continuous mode for very little time, which means you will experience horrible energy usage which will cost you money and hurt the environment.

Uneven Heating

An over-sized furnace can also have an effect on the level of comfort in the home due to uneven heating. When one area of the home may become warm very fast, a second area of the home may remain cool. You will experience varying temperatures in the home, which will mean some people will be comfortable while others are not. With an efficiently sized system, you will have even heating that circulates well so that everyone is warm and toasty in the home.

Shorter Unit Lifespan

A furnace system that is too large for your space can heat the air quickly and shut off to only turn on again to try and meet the demands of the home. When the unit is constantly turning off and on, the system can waste energy and wear out the components at a faster rate. This means your system will be in need of repair service more often than not and the potential to need a replacement unit is much higher than with a properly sized system. When you install the proper sized unit, you will have a system that can last decades with proper maintenance. A unit that is not the right size will not function as needed which will hurt and inevitably see you installing a new system long before you would with the proper sized unit.

When you are having a furnace system installed, you will need to have a technician properly size the square footage of the home to determine the size of system need.

At Aliso Air, we can offer you the information and proper sizing needed to install a quality CarrierĀ® product in the home. You will have the warm heat you need from the furnace system to provide everyone in the home with a comfortable environment. The right size system will be installed so that you can worry less about heating your home and enjoy your time with family and friends.

Contact us today to learn more about the proper sizing of furnace systems. You can have your existing unit inspected to ensure you have the right size system in the home or have a new unit installed for better efficiency and longevity.