HVAC Maintenance Tips

Mission Viejo AC MaintenanceDuring the winter weather, HVAC systems must be ready to perform correctly to provide warm heat in the home. When the temperatures outside drop, a heating system needs to be able to provide the proper temperature in the home so everyone inside is comfortable. An HVAC System is a must-have in the home during the winter months as no home would be comfortable without proper heating. When the low temperatures arrive, you go to turn on your heating system. Sometimes homeowners may find their system is not ready to operate or has issues, leaving you with a headache, money lost and time spent in a too cold home.

Learning how to maintain your heating system is imperative to keep your home consistently comfortable. At Aliso Air, we offer you the essential service options you need to maintain your heating system. With HVAC Maintenance and HVAC Repair, we take care of every aspect of your system. Our technicians receive constant training to ensure that we can provide service for every make and model.

Before and after the winter season, your unit needs to be inspected and cleaned to ensure operation as well as shutdown for the season. In between maintenance appointments, you must take care to maintain your heating system. There are several tips you should consider to keep your unit in proper operation. We list these options below to help you have a successful winter season in the home.

Air Filters

The air filters of a heating system, such as a furnace, can easily clog with dirt and grime. This can cause the blower of the system to work overtime. More energy will be used which can lower the life span of your system and as well as cause you to pay more for heating the home each month. Be sure to change out the air filter of your system when it becomes clogged to maintain the integrity of your system.

Observe Sounds of Your System

Mission Viejo AC MaintenanceWhen operating your heating unit, be aware of unusual noises. We all know what our heating unit sounds like when offering warm heat, but what about unusual sounds? When you begin to hear a clanging or banging sound, you may find that your unit is in trouble. Parts of the system may have worn down and are making the sounds you are unfamiliar with. At Aliso Air, we can provide you with quick repair service to get your system back on track.

High Heating Cost with No Return

When you find that you are trying to heat your home and it costs even more than normal, without the return of a warm environment, you most likely have an issue. Try adjusting the temperature, checking the pilot ignition or ductwork to see if you can find the issue. If not, you will need to contact our office for assistance. We can help you get your unit in perfect operating order so you can enjoy the warmth of your home and pay less to do so.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to avoid having your system breakdown unexpectedly is to have regular maintenance conducted on your system. Regular servicing will ensure that every area of your system is inspected. This will include the indoor and outdoor components based on your unit type. A full cleaning is included and will help your system to be able to provide the much-needed heat in your home.

To begin providing your heating system with quality servicing and ensure your peace of mind for the winter season, contact our office today. We can offer you every service type, from repair to maintenance and installation, to keep your home comfortable for years to come.