Common Myths On Air Conditioners

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Rumors have a nasty habit of spreading fast. With the Internet, this has become even more prevalent. In the HVAC industry, unfortunately, we have a large number of ‘experts’ who give their opinions online on many things. But let’s take a closer look at some of these myths.

A New Energy Efficient Air Conditioner is a Solution to All Issues

Modern air conditioning systems have certainly been designed to be more energy efficient. But, for an energy efficient new air conditioning system to save you money, you must look at a number of other factors. Are you rooms well insulated? Are all the ducts clean and dust free. Have your filters been cleaned? A professional air conditioner service technician is trained to look for issues that can affect an air conditioner’s efficiency. He knows how to locate these issues and how to resolve them. Such a step will certainly help your air conditioner be more energy efficient.

Keeping the AC on All Day is Cheaper

It is surprising how this myth has taken a strong belief among many users. Maybe, because, when you enter a cold room, you feel things are working well. But remember, your utility cost is not for how much effort an AC takes in cooling a room, it is simply for how long the AC runs. So if you keep the AC on for the full day when no one is using the room, you are just throwing your money away. To cool down a hot room may cost a few dollars more, but that will be far less than the money you will spend keeping the air conditioning on all day.

AC Fans Can Cool Rooms By Themselves

There is hardly any difference between a regular ceiling fan and an AC fan by itself. Both just move air. If you stand in front of an AC fan and feel better, it is the not fan that is doing the trick. The sweat on your body evaporates faster when air is blown at it. As the sweat evaporates, it absorbs the heat around and thereby makes your skin feel cooler. The fan is doing nothing but providing momentum to the air. Air conditioning fans by themselves do not cool, so keeping them on has no value.

The Internet is a great place to learn. But it has its share of myths and false information. Always depend upon your manufacturer manual or, when in doubt, call us here at Aliso Air. We have the technical knowledge and experience to resolve all your air conditioner issues.