This Summer, Choose The Perfect Air Conditioning System For Your Home

Carrier AC

You may be asking if there is such as a thing as a perfect air conditioning. Maybe not. But at the same time, modern air conditioning is at its peak in term of technical advances and energy efficiency. Today’s air conditioning is better than what you got just a few years ago by a factor of at least 4-6 times. SEER ratings have improved, drive mechanism has improved, the gas used is safe for you and the environment, and modern AC units are literally computer controlled. They constantly measure multiple factors including temperature, moisture, energy consumption, and adjust their output to deliver better results.

Here are some factors you have to consider when choosing an air conditioning system.

Choose the Right Capacity

Before we discuss the features and efficiency factors, let us not overlook one simple factor. And this factor is often overlooked by homeowners. A rough measure states an area of roughly 100-300 square feet will require 5000-6000 BTU of air conditioning. Similarly 350-950 square feet will need 9800-12500 BTU capacity. Choosing a low capacity to save money is practically suicidal. The unit will be stressed all the time, consume more energy and work inefficiently. Similarly, choosing an air conditioning with excess capacity has its own issues. A good estimator will know exactly how to calculate the capacity of air conditioning needed for a room or a house. Today, he is equipped with advanced software that can calculate to a high degree of accuracy. Don’t hesitate to use that.

Energy Efficiency

After sizing, we would say this is the second most important factor. Look for the SEER rating. The higher the SEER rating, the lower your utility bill. When you go near 20 or so in SEER rating, you get extraordinary efficiency. A 20-SEER air conditioning unit will cost just half as much to run as a 13-SEER unit. Of course, the higher the SEER rating, the more the cost. Again, your estimator should be able to calculate and show to you the cost of purchase and the cost of running over, say, 5 years. Sometimes a little extra investment in the initial stages will go a long way in saving on your utility bills.

Split Or Window

This again is a factor of modern technology. Today’s window air conditioning systems are so good, that it will be foolish to ignore them. They also cost less than split unit for the same tonnage. Split ACs, of course, are quieter, more pleasing, and provide more air distribution.

Air Quality

The way the air conditioning unit treats the air before pumping it into your home is important. Filters are critical. They should be easy to remove and clean. Depending upon where you live, moisture management through humidifiers and dehumidifiers might be needed. Moisture can lead to mold growth and this will affect the Indoor Air Quality.

If you take care of these factors with a bit of knowledge, your air conditioning system will function flawlessly, consume less energy and keep you comfortable all summer. Is that not as close to having a perfect air conditioning as possible?