Common Indoor Air Quality Problems and Their Solutions

Indoor Air QualityThe home is supposed to be a comfortable place where we can enjoy time with family and friends. We look to our home to be a sanctuary and provide us with a safe place to rest and relax. However, the home can be plagued with issues including air quality problems. Do you find yourself smelling unusual odors in the home? Or maybe you are seeing mold or smelling mildew? Do you have a major dust issue? If you have any of these problems you may have an air quality problem which can lead to health issues.

There are several issues that commonly affect the air quality of the home. Below we will discuss these issues and how they can affect your home as well as health.


Dust, pet dander, mold spores, pollen and chemicals are common items that can cause you to have an allergic reaction. Allergies are no fun and can make you feel miserable and you never want to feel miserable in the home. These irritants can cause you to sneeze, cough even break out into hives. If you are seriously allergic to these items, you may find your health seriously affected. A filtration or purification system can help you to clear the air and avoid allergens. Once installing a system, keep the filter changed for maximum productivity.

Household Chemicals

Another pollutant that home owners do not consider is household chemicals. Chemicals can easily pollute the air. This can be from new carpet, draperies, furniture, paint and more. By using an air purification system, you will be able to remove the chemical vapors and have better air to breathe in the home.

Home Odors

As with any home, you can expect to have odors. This could be stinky shoes, pets, and even cooking smells. To avoid the irritation of these smells, use an air purification system to help destroy any odors in the home.

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