HVAC Maintenance Tips

Mission Viejo AC MaintenanceDuring the winter weather, HVAC systems must be ready to perform correctly to provide warm heat in the home. When the temperatures outside drop, a heating system needs to be able to provide the proper temperature in the home so everyone inside is comfortable. An HVAC System is a must-have in the home during the winter months as no home would be comfortable without proper heating. When the low temperatures arrive, you go to turn on your heating system. Sometimes homeowners may find their system is not ready to operate or has issues, leaving you with a headache, money lost and time spent in a too cold home.

Learning how to maintain your heating system is imperative to keep your home consistently comfortable. At Aliso Air, we offer you the essential service options you need to maintain your heating system. With HVAC Maintenance and HVAC Repair, we take care of every aspect of your system. Our technicians receive constant training to ensure that we can provide service for every make and model.

Before and after the winter season, your unit needs to be inspected and cleaned to ensure operation as well as shutdown for the season. In between maintenance appointments, you must take care to maintain your heating system. There are several tips you should consider to keep your unit in proper operation. We list these options below to help you have a successful winter season in the home.

Air Filters

The air filters of a heating system, such as a furnace, can easily clog with dirt and grime. This can cause the blower of the system to work overtime. More energy will be used which can lower the life span of your system and as well as cause you to pay more for heating the home each month. Be sure to change out the air filter of your system when it becomes clogged to maintain the integrity of your system.

Observe Sounds of Your System

Mission Viejo AC MaintenanceWhen operating your heating unit, be aware of unusual noises. We all know what our heating unit sounds like when offering warm heat, but what about unusual sounds? When you begin to hear a clanging or banging sound, you may find that your unit is in trouble. Parts of the system may have worn down and are making the sounds you are unfamiliar with. At Aliso Air, we can provide you with quick repair service to get your system back on track.

High Heating Cost with No Return

When you find that you are trying to heat your home and it costs even more than normal, without the return of a warm environment, you most likely have an issue. Try adjusting the temperature, checking the pilot ignition or ductwork to see if you can find the issue. If not, you will need to contact our office for assistance. We can help you get your unit in perfect operating order so you can enjoy the warmth of your home and pay less to do so.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to avoid having your system breakdown unexpectedly is to have regular maintenance conducted on your system. Regular servicing will ensure that every area of your system is inspected. This will include the indoor and outdoor components based on your unit type. A full cleaning is included and will help your system to be able to provide the much-needed heat in your home.

To begin providing your heating system with quality servicing and ensure your peace of mind for the winter season, contact our office today. We can offer you every service type, from repair to maintenance and installation, to keep your home comfortable for years to come.

Is An Over-Sized Furnace a Good Thing?

Newport Beach furnaceWhile bigger is better in many things in life, when choosing a furnace for your home, it is not. A furnace is used to heat the home and must be the appropriate size so you get the most use out of the system. When you decide to have an over-sized unit, you can actually hurt the chances of home heating comfortably and providing an environment that is pleasing to live and sleep. You will encounter problems such as reduced efficiency, spatial heating, shortened lifespan of your system and more, which can cost you money in the long run.

It is essential to have a furnace installed in the home that fits the size of your space so the heating process is conducted as it should be. Below are a few problems you can encounter when you have a unit that is much larger than needed for the space.

Reduced Efficiency

When you use an over-sized furnace, you will have major efficiency problems. The furnace will not match the efficiency mode of operation until it has been in operation mode for some time. This means the unit will be using short cycles, which produces starts and stops on a frequent basis. The unit will be in efficient continuous mode for very little time, which means you will experience horrible energy usage which will cost you money and hurt the environment.

Uneven Heating

An over-sized furnace can also have an effect on the level of comfort in the home due to uneven heating. When one area of the home may become warm very fast, a second area of the home may remain cool. You will experience varying temperatures in the home, which will mean some people will be comfortable while others are not. With an efficiently sized system, you will have even heating that circulates well so that everyone is warm and toasty in the home.

Shorter Unit Lifespan

A furnace system that is too large for your space can heat the air quickly and shut off to only turn on again to try and meet the demands of the home. When the unit is constantly turning off and on, the system can waste energy and wear out the components at a faster rate. This means your system will be in need of repair service more often than not and the potential to need a replacement unit is much higher than with a properly sized system. When you install the proper sized unit, you will have a system that can last decades with proper maintenance. A unit that is not the right size will not function as needed which will hurt and inevitably see you installing a new system long before you would with the proper sized unit.

When you are having a furnace system installed, you will need to have a technician properly size the square footage of the home to determine the size of system need.

At Aliso Air, we can offer you the information and proper sizing needed to install a quality Carrier® product in the home. You will have the warm heat you need from the furnace system to provide everyone in the home with a comfortable environment. The right size system will be installed so that you can worry less about heating your home and enjoy your time with family and friends.

Contact us today to learn more about the proper sizing of furnace systems. You can have your existing unit inspected to ensure you have the right size system in the home or have a new unit installed for better efficiency and longevity.

5 Ways to Extend The Life of Your HVAC System

(Dec 14) carrier_split_systemThe HVAC systems of every home will very as each home is different. Some homes have furnace systems while other homes have a central system or geothermal unit. The one aspect that every unit has in common is the fact that each system needs to be maintained to help extend the life span of the unit. When you maintain the system, you can expect your HVAC unit to continue to operate effectively and continue to provide you with comfort for years the come.

Air Filter

One way you can keep the home comfortable and your heating system in tip top shape is with the air filter of the unit. The air filter is used to keep any harmful contaminants from entering the home. The filter will remove dust, dander, pet hair and more from the air you breathe. A filter can only clear the air for a specific amount of time so once your filter becomes clogged, you must change out the filter. When you do, the unit can continue to operate effectively, extending the life span of the system. When you let the filter go unchanged, the unit must work overtime to clear the air and you may see the need for repairs.

Consistent Cleaning

Just like any area of your home, the HVAC system of your home needs to be cleaned. With regular cleaning, your unit will be able to operate efficiently as every component will be squeaky clean. Homeowners can clean the unit themselves or hire a professional to provide cleaning service. The outdoor and indoor portion of the system must be cleaned to provide essential comfort in the home. With regular cleaning, your unit will be ready to provide you with service during the extreme seasons of the year.

Regular Maintenance

Cleaning is just one portion of regular maintenance. Your heating system needs to be maintained on a regular basis so that you can rely on the unit to provide you with optimal comfort when you need it most. Maintenance can include cleaning, lubrication of components, tune-ups and repairs.

Take Care with Repairs

Speaking of repairs, when your unit is in need of service, a professional should be contacted immediately to provide you with much needed care. Even the smallest of repairs should be handled quickly and efficiently to ensure the unit is able to function during the winter months. If you begin to see differences in the comfort level of the home as well as noise issues or variances in comfort, have your unit inspected immediately so that the system can be repaired and be back in service for you and your family members. Scheduling repair service when you need it most will help you to have peace of mind knowing that your system will last for many years to come.

Consult the Professionals

When you need assistance with your home heating system, or you just want to learn how to better manage the life span of your unit, consult the professionals.
At Aliso Air, we work with all brands of systems and have the knowledge, expertise, and experience needed to help you learn how to have successful comfort in the home. Work with us to learn more about your existing system so that you can provide the care and maintenance needed to see your unit last for decades to come.

List of Common Air Flow Obstructions in HVAC Systems & Ductwork

(Nov 14) Ductwork

When it comes to HVAC systems, a common theme is the ductwork. With your air conditioning and heating systems, you will have a series of ductwork that will run under the home in a crawlspace or in the attic space and provide you with warm heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. The ductwork needs to be in tiptop shape to provide you with ample comfort during the summer and winter seasons. When you have an air flow obstruction in the ductwork or the actual HVAC system, your system will have to work harder to overcome it. Therefore, it is important to understand the types of obstructions you may find so you can take the appropriate measures and repair the issue. Below are common problems you may have when it comes to airflow in the home.

Air Filter

The air filter of the HVAC system is what will trap dust, dirt and allergens inside the home. An air filter must be changed on a regular basis to ensure that the unit can continue to operate effectively. When the air filter is full of dust and dirt and is not changed, it causes an obstruction with the flow of air. You must change out the air filter every one to three months to make sure your system can operate effectively.

Dirty Blower Fan

The blower fan is what helps the unit to actually function and this portion of the system can easily become dirty. When the blades of the blower fan become dirty, you will have a reduction in the ability of the fan to move air through the system. This portion of the system must be cleaned to move air throughout the home.

Leaks in Air Ducts

When you have a leak in the air duct, you can see a significant loss of cool or warm air in the home. Leaks can be caused by a number of reasons. If you have animals moving around under your home a piece of your duct work may get a rip, tear or just come apart. If this is the case, you must have the ductwork repaired so the air can properly move through the home once again. An HVAC technician can repair the issue and have your duct work operating effectively once again.

Fire Damper Issues

If your system has a fire damper, you may have an issue with this part of your system. The damper can become closed or stuck in a semi-closed position, which can interfere with the airflow. You will need to adjust the fire damper of your unit to get the airflow back on track.

Return Air Inlets

When the return air inlet grilles become clogged, it can provide less air in the home. The grille can easily become obstructed with dirt or even furniture, which can then cut off the airflow in to the home. It is important to make sure that the air returns are clear and can allow the airflow to continue within the home.

Overall, it is important to learn the ins and outs of your HVAC systems. By learning what can cause poor airflow, you can make the appropriate changes to have a comfortable home. Stay on top of your HVAC service and repairs to ensure that you are never without proper airflow in the home.

Quick Steps to Troubleshoot Your Furnace

Orange County HeaterTroubleshoot Your Furnace—Quick Steps

With winter on the way, you will need to be sure that your furnace system is ready to provide warm heat for you and your family to enjoy. You want to stay comfortable in the home during the winter months and your furnace will provide you with what you need for comfort. It is essential that as the home owner, you have your furnace maintained on a regular basis so the unit is ready to perform when needed. From furnace repair to scheduled maintenance, you will find several options for keeping your unit in tip top shape!

When you have a furnace installation or furnace replacement by an HVAC company, you will be shown every component of the system. It is important to learn the ins and outs of the unit so that you can troubleshoot issues that may arise during the winter months. You want to be able to repair your unit quickly so that you are never without heat for extended periods of time. Below are a few quick steps to help you troubleshoot your system.

Check the ‘HEAT’ Setting

However silly or obvious it seems, many home owners find the furnace is not working because the unit is not set to Heat. Be sure to check the system and make sure that the system is set on Heat so it can provide the comfort you need in the home.

Furnace Filter

Another area in which you can have issue is with the furnace filter. This is a common problem as home owners can easily forget to change out the filter. The filter is used to clean the air that the furnace will bring in and then the air moves back through the home. When a filter becomes dirty and clogged it can limit the air flow of the home which will then cause the system to shut down. So, simply check the air filter and replace to see if this will solve your furnace issues.

Power to the Furnace

Many furnaces run off electrical power and must have juice for the system to operate. Sometimes when turning a unit on for the very first time during the winter season, the system can trip a breaker. It is smart to check the breaker box to your system to see if a breaker has been flipped. If you see an issue, you will then need to flip the switch back into place and prepare the unit to turn back on. You will then be able to determine if power was the main issue behind the furnace not working properly.

Old Age

With many homes, you can have a system that has lasted for decades and is just on its last legs. This may be the last winter you will be able to use the system, so you may want to begin looking in to a replacement system. When you are constantly having to schedule repair service or you find yourself in need of help several times a season, you should consider investing in a new unit. With a new system, you will have better energy efficiency, lower electric bills and premium heating in the home. You will not have to worry about your unit breaking down and you will be able to enjoy the winter, with a nice warm home!

Whenever you have a breakdown in operation of your furnace system, simply use this checklist to see if you can repair the issue yourself. Remember to be cautious and if you feel as though the problem is too big for you to handle, simply contact Aliso Air for assistance!

4 Easy Ways to Reduce Air Conditioning Use and Save Money

Irvine air conditioning

An air conditioning system is an important part of the home. The system must be used to cool the home during the warm summer months so those occupying the space are comfortable. Without an air conditioner, the home would be stifling and uncomfortable. Thankfully, most homes have a cooling system that can provide quality cooling when the temperatures outside become unbearable. As with any appliance of the home, an AC costs money. Every time you use your air conditioning system, you will have an energy cost. It is important to learn how to reduce the cost of your AC unit so that you can save money. Below is a simple guide to reducing the cost of your unit operations.

Optimal Temperature

The first area you can make chances is with the temperature controls. By setting your unit at an optimal temperature, you can expect an even cooling cost. In most cases, 75 is a good setting as it can provide even temperatures, not too cool, but cool enough to keep your comfortable. At 75, the unit will not be working all the time and the unit will cut off once the temperature is reached. With this setting, you will definitely see a difference in your monthly utility bill.

Avoid Overusing the System

Overusing the air conditioning system is a big No-No. As with any type of machinery, if you use it too much you can have a break down or the need for replacement. This of course would be major added costs to your budget. However, an AC unit also must not be overworked to avoid a spike in your utility cost. Be sure to set the system at optimal temperature or use a programmable thermostat to have the unit preset to turn off when you are away from the home. This way, the unit will be able to get the break it needs to stay in good condition as well as lower operating cost.

Changing Air Filters

The air filters of the AC system need to be replaced every month to 3 months to ensure the unit is able to provide good indoor air quality. Without replacement, the air filters can become too dirty, essentially clogging up the unit. With an air filter that is dirty, the system can begin to see dirt and dust filling the air which is not healthy to breathe. The unit will also work harder to produce cool air in the home which means higher energy usage and utility cost. Set a schedule so that the filter in your home is clear and ready to function properly for your HVAC unit.

Regular Servicing

An AC system must be serviced on a regular basis to ensure premium performance. When a unit is not cleaned or serviced on a regular basis it can begin to have issues. With regular servicing, you can rest assured that your system will be ready to operate at maximum capacity which will help your overall operating cost. The unit will be able to work efficiently and will provide you with the much needed cool air for the hot summer months.

By being proactive with your AC unit, you will be able to lower your monthly cost as well as have a system that is ready to perform for years to come.

How to Know When It’s Time To Replace Your A/C Unit

indexThe air conditioning system is the life-blood of the home during the summer months. Once the temperatures begin to rise outside, the home must be kept cool so everyone inside is nice and comfortable. The condition of the home air conditioning system is most important and home owners must be sure to know the current condition of the unit before the summer months arrive. If you believe that you are in need of a new unit, then it is important to have the unit replaced with a modern, more efficient system.

However, you may be questioning the installation of a new system based on the cost. A new air conditioning unit is a big investment that you may not be ready for. Yet, you do not want to be stuck in the summer with no AC. There are several signs that you can look for to help you make the best decision. Check out a few signs below:

The Age of the Unit

One of the most common reasons for a unit to stop working is the age. When a unit is past its prime, the system can begin to see difficulties and eventually shut down for good. In today’s market, newer models are 20% more efficient than the older units made a decade ago. Units need to have a SEER rating of at least 13 if not 15 or 16 to be efficient. With an older unit, you will not have this type of efficiency. With a new replacement system, you won’t have to worry about a break-downs and you will be able to see lower energy use and utility bills. With an older unit, you will be on constant alert of issues.

Too Many Breakdowns

Perhaps your unit is breaking down time and time again. Not only are you tired of the heat but also the added cost of fixing whatever the new issues that appear. When a unit continues to cost money to operate, it is time to consider a new system.

Odd Noises

If you began to notice that your system is making more noise than normal, this can be a sign of problems with the unit. You may have an evaporator coil that is in need of replacing or another issue. This can of course be fixed, but if the noises continue after repairs, you may want to consider an entirely new unit.

Temperature Issues

Another big factor to consider is temperature. Perhaps your unit is not cooling as it has in the past. Maybe your unit is not able to handle the heat as it has in the past. Temperature control is important and if your unit begins to fail to cool the home or not keep track of assigned temperature, you may be in need of a new unit. It is important to monitor the home for hot spots, especially when you have an older unit. If you find that some areas in the home are warmer than others, you have an issue that needs to be inspected.

Overall, it is important to look at a number of factors when deciding if you need a new air conditioning system. After evaluating the home, speak with a technician or air conditioning specialist to determine what type of unit will work best for your home. You will find you have several options in today’s market and you can also determine the price of a new unit. This will help you to determine if you can afford a new system now or if you need a few months to save for a new unit. Alternatively, there may also be financing options available if you qualify.

About AlisoAir

Aliso Air has been serving the heating and air conditioning needs of homeowners and general contractors throughout Orange and Riverside Counties for more than 28 years. Our experience has enabled us to excel in installation, service, and mechanical design, supplying the marketplace with quality products at competitive prices. We are proud of the reputation and success of Aliso Air and we feel strongly that our accomplishments are achieved through our commitment to quality craftsmanship and incomparable service.

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Common Indoor Air Quality Problems and Their Solutions

Indoor Air QualityThe home is supposed to be a comfortable place where we can enjoy time with family and friends. We look to our home to be a sanctuary and provide us with a safe place to rest and relax. However, the home can be plagued with issues including air quality problems. Do you find yourself smelling unusual odors in the home? Or maybe you are seeing mold or smelling mildew? Do you have a major dust issue? If you have any of these problems you may have an air quality problem which can lead to health issues.

There are several issues that commonly affect the air quality of the home. Below we will discuss these issues and how they can affect your home as well as health.


Dust, pet dander, mold spores, pollen and chemicals are common items that can cause you to have an allergic reaction. Allergies are no fun and can make you feel miserable and you never want to feel miserable in the home. These irritants can cause you to sneeze, cough even break out into hives. If you are seriously allergic to these items, you may find your health seriously affected. A filtration or purification system can help you to clear the air and avoid allergens. Once installing a system, keep the filter changed for maximum productivity.

Household Chemicals

Another pollutant that home owners do not consider is household chemicals. Chemicals can easily pollute the air. This can be from new carpet, draperies, furniture, paint and more. By using an air purification system, you will be able to remove the chemical vapors and have better air to breathe in the home.

Home Odors

As with any home, you can expect to have odors. This could be stinky shoes, pets, and even cooking smells. To avoid the irritation of these smells, use an air purification system to help destroy any odors in the home.

About AlisoAir

Aliso Air has been serving the heating and air conditioning needs of homeowners and general contractors throughout Orange, Riverside and North San Diego Counties for more than 28 years. Our experience has enabled us to excel in installation, service, and mechanical design, supplying the marketplace with quality products at competitive prices. We are proud of the reputation and success of Aliso Air and we feel strongly that our accomplishments are achieved through our commitment to quality craftsmanship and incomparable service.

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Keeping Your AC In Shape During the Summer Season

mission viejo air conditioner

Once the summer season arrives, the heat in Southern California can be pretty unbearable. It is essential that home owners have a fully functioning air conditioning system so that you can stay cool once the hot temperatures arrive. Without the essential cool air, your home can be turned upside down with everyone irritable and uncomfortable. It is very important to keep your air conditioning system in top shape during the summer season so you do not see any interruptions of service. Below you will find simple ways to do that.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance by Aliso Air, Inc. is very important for the overall operation of your unit. A central system, or any other type of system needs to be serviced on a regular basis. A qualified and licensed technician from Aliso Air, Inc. can provide you with the maintenance service to keep your unit working in top shape. This type of service will include an overall inspection of the unit as well as repairing any issues. With regular maintenance, we will be able to find small issues and take care of them before a major problem occurs.

Cleaning and landscaping

Keeping your unit clean is also important for continual service. The landscaping around your unit must remain clear of the working parts so your unit does not suffer from a breakdown. By keeping the area clear, you can avoid this type of issue in the future. The unit also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning will remove any debris or dirt that may cause the system to shut down or have an issue.

AC Repair

If your unit does break down, you will need to remedy the issue as quickly as possible. Be sure to shut the unit down completely, call Aliso Air, Inc. and we’ll send a repair technician to put the unit back in action. Overall, it is important to keep track of your air conditioning system. You want to have the unit serviced on a regular basis as well as cleaned and maintained. By doing so, you can be sure that the unit is ready to function once the temperatures rise during the summer months.  Aliso Air, Inc. is here to help. We service all of Orange County, including Mission Viejo, Irvine, Newport Beach and all points in between, as well as Riverside County and North San Diego County. Give us a call to schedule your maintenance check today.

Is Your AC Working Properly?

AC Repair & Maintenance

Irvine AC RepairAir Conditioning units are used on a very frequent daily basis in our homes.  We use them to provide cooling comfort when the outside temperatures get too warm.  Air conditioning is especially important in the summer months, as the temperatures can spike to nearly unbearable numbers.  When you suspect your air conditioning unit of not working properly, it can become a great inconvenience.  It is important to assess the problems and contact a repair professional if you feel your air conditioning unit might be in need of some repairs.  Here are some signs that your air conditioning unit might not be functioning properly, notifying you that it is time to contact a professional.  Taking care of some these issues on the forefront and prevent possible bigger issues from happening, thus saving you time, money, and the inconvenience of dealing with the heat from summer months without any air conditioning.

Uncommon Room Temperature

Perhaps the most common way of identifying that your air conditioning unit is not working properly is when you notice issues related to the temperature in your home.  If you notice that your air conditioning unit is not producing any cold air, although it is running, or that the air flow is seemingly mild or less cool than usual, it might be time for repairs.  Also, if you notice that a specific room or area of the house is more difficult to keep cool than before, this could also be a problem.  Another indication is that the system is running constantly while not producing cold air, barely running, or that the system is of course not running at all.  If your air conditioning system is running constantly or for longer periods of time, this could be a sign that the system is having difficulty obtaining a certain temperature, due to a failure in the system itself.

Spike in Energy Bills

Another major sign that the system is not functioning properly is an increase in the amount of your monthly electric bill.  It is natural that your monthly bill would be more costly in the summer months, when you use your air conditioning unit the most.  However, if you notice that your monthly bills continue to increase over the months, especially with no change to the amount in which you are using your unit, this could indicate repairs as well.  This would mean that your unit is overextending itself and not producing the desired effect.  Other signs that your unit is in need of repair could include strange or loud noises coming from your system, water leaking form the system, dust accumulating in your home, or the system triggering a loss of power in your home as it turns on or off.

Routine Maintenance

Perhaps the most important way to prevent repairs to your air conditioning system is to receive routine maintenance on your system annually to prevent any issues.  During the routine maintenance, the professional technician will thoroughly clean your air conditioning unit and assess any needs at the time.  This is a great way to catch any needs ahead of time, before they get any bigger.  Other ways to prevent having frequent repairs on your air conditioning system is to make sure the system has proper insulation.  It is a good idea to insure that your attics and crawl spaces are insulated properly as well, which helps to aid in the overall insulation of your home so that the cool air remains on the inside, thus keeping your home cool and allowing your air conditioning unit to do its job.

About AlisoAir

Aliso Air has been serving the heating and air conditioning needs of homeowners and general contractors throughout Orange, Riverside and North San Diego Counties for more than 28 years. Our experience has enabled us to excel in installation, service, and mechanical design, supplying the marketplace with quality products at competitive prices. We are proud of the reputation and success of Aliso Air and we feel strongly that our accomplishments are achieved through our commitment to quality craftsmanship and incomparable service.